Finest grain-fed ANGUS Beef in GA

Owned & run by GC & Kathy Ganas, a family run business based in Waycross raises the finest grain-fed or grass-fed ANGUS Beef in Waycross GA

 Cole ANGUSBeef has built on it’s tradition of offering quality yet affordable beef

We have been raising the finest grain-fed ANGUS Beef and grass-fed ANGUS Beef for over 85 years, here’s how we started:

The Cole ANGUSBeef farm was established in 1930 and since then it’s been at this same location. My grandparents, Gordon and Aline Cole, bought this farm and raised their family on this land. All the while maintaining a large herd of Angus Cattle. After my grandfather passed away, my grandmother alone continued farming until I moved my family to the farm in 1986. Myself, my wife, daughter Katie, and son Jordan became active participants in the farming production. I have been involved with cattle since 1965 beginning with 4H and later FFA. We are proud to announce we are “Quality Beef Assurance” certified cow-calf farm. Your family’s beef quality should not be sacrificed when you have an option. Our quality grain-fed ANGUS Beef and grass-fed ANGUS Beef involves proper selection, sound husbandry practices, heath management, all in a peaceful, stress free environment.

We operate under continual guidance from our local veterinarian to insure the best quality beef at market prices. We are proud to have the 5th generation of cattle farmers now that we are grandparents to Cooper, Leanna and Kolbi Lane. They can be found many afternoons checking the herd with Papa!

Farm visits are always welcome.

Quality and Safe Source of Beef

We provide you with a beef source that is free of antibiotics or growth stimulators. Both our grain-fed ANGUS Beef and grass-fed ANGUS Beef cattle are handled in the most humane environment possible. Our product is custom processed, aged and packaged to your specifications. You can be present when your beef is cut – wrapped and then taken home with you – You know where your beef was raised, how it was raised, when and how it was processed.

Feed Sources

    • Our cattle are raised on pastures that are managed for grazing for our grass fed beef.
    • We practice rotational grazing and utilizing, and soil aeration for best grass production.
    • Our grain-fed ANGUS Beef cattle consumes feed we make that is made with grain that is tested for toxins and proper moisture content.
    • We use locally processed cotton seed meal for additional protein. Coastal hay is added to increase digestion and obtain maximum digestion of our feed. Free choice of minerals are provided at all times.
    • We do not use animal by-products or chicken litter in our feed at anytime.

It’s what my family eats and I wouldn’t provide anything of lessor quality for our customers.

Local Quality Beef

At Cole ANGUSBeef our commitment is to produce the finest premium farm raised Black Angus Beef, guaranteed to please the most discriminating palate.

Our beef is generally available year long. We process all orders on a custom basis. We do not carry frozen inventory. To make available to my customers exactly what they want it may take a couple of weeks before a animal is ready for processing.

Gordon Cole Ganas